Blast from the Past – How do you move your ball forward in a hurricane? Our visit to Royal Portrush and Portstewart Golf Club

Portstewart and Portrush were next on our itinerary. With only four miles between the two towns we stayed in Portrush, where from our bedroom window we could see the Royal Portush Golf Club lying just to the east. The B&B proprietor, with a twinkle in his eye suggested, “if we squinted really hard, we could probably see Darren Clarke raising a pint at the Clubhouse bar”. Remember, Northern Ireland golfers …

Blast from the Past: Ireland & Northern Ireland 2011 – Two Hurricanes, Two Continents – Bring it on!

While Mother Nature played a commanding role and worthy competitor on Sunday afternoon at this year’s Open (to all except Shane Lowry that is) she let the players off “easy” compared to the 80 mph gusting winds she blew our way eight years ago. The weather on the final day of The Open at Royal […]